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NEW: directional kiteboard by Naish Kiteboarding

Naish Kiteboarding
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The Alana’s outline, shape and rocker have all been fi ne-tuned to respond to lighter degrees of rider input. Thanks to its thruster design, it also delivers the best combination of speed, control and drive in a variety of flatwater, onshore and wave conditions.

High Tail Kick in Rocker = Tight & snappy turns off the lip

Squared Rails in Tail = Superior grip in bottom turns

Full 3D Double Density Deck Pad = Excellent comfort + cushioning + traction

Double Bamboo Sandwich Deck = Maximum durability + minimizes pressure dents

Deep Single Concave Bottom = Speed + drive

Surf Skin Bottom = Real surfboard feel on water + resilient + firm

CNC Shape = Absolute precision shaping

Thruster Fin Set-up = Snappy + control + release off the top

Carbon Torsion Cross Fins = Lightweight + optimized flex

Lightweight Finish

NEW: directional kiteboard by Naish Kiteboarding

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