NEW: elliptical porthole by Nemo Industrie

Nemo Industrie
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Nemo portlights-production has been recently enriched by the new range of portlights completely made of carbon material and standard tempered monolithic glass or plexiglass in grey colour.

They are provided with the mechanical clutch to open the shutter to any required position, and the watertight EPDM seal.

The carbon handles are adjustable.

Thanks to the carbon structural characteristics of the carbon material not only the portlight weight has been reduced over 1/3 than one of the same dimension completely in stainless steel, but the tensile strenght is better.

No more oxidation problems and cleaning will be very easy and fast.

The counter frame is provided with the telescopic system able to cover different thickness of the bulkhead so to optimise shipyards stores and the assembling on boat.

The elegant and the innovative design and the high quality allow Nemo clients to choose always the best for their boat.

NEW: elliptical porthole by Nemo Industrie

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