Nemo Industrie
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The door itself is made of fibreglass while the frame in aluminium, both painted as the demanded colour.

In only 1,5 second it is possible to open and close the door thanks to the innovative system which enables the block/unblock of the side door-bolts electrically, no handle neither handwheel is used.

The waterproofing of the door is assured by the overhanging perimeter of the door pressing firmly the seal glued on the frame when, door closing and rising, the side pins of the door fit into the match-plates of the frame.

In case of a black-out the functioning is ensured by a manual action and a particular sensor enables the opening of the door only if it is perfectly arranged so to prevent damages to the boat or doors.

If requested, it is possible to centralize all doors of the boat thanks to the optional additional electronic software.

The external handle, used to drag the door in the opening translation, is flush with the surface of the door itself while the internal handle can be completely extracted.

More care has been taken over the design and the carrying out of the smallest technical and aesthetic details, so to optimise the absolute safety and the pleasure of the user, since Nemo fittings make always the difference.


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