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Banque Populaire IX - 2018

UpSideUp in use on the maxi-trimaran

The Maxi Solo Banque Populaire IX is a trimaran belonging to the Ultim 32/23 category. The architect VPLP and the Banque Populaire Team have used their shared knowledge of the maxi multihulls to design a flying boat, powered by its foils and coming from future times. Ocean Data System has again modestly contributed to that true concentrate of technology.

The UpSideUp solution is of course an significant tool to secure both man and equipment. It also brings great satisfaction to manage the trimaran 's performance.

Monitoring, flooding detection, man over board management, anti capsize and strength control are the well estalished specifications of UpSideUp set up for the Ultim trimarans.

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  • 56100 Lorient, France