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PALFINGER MARINE''s long-time partner PALFINGER AUSTRALIA won the local award for the “best crane supplier” 2014, the second year in a row. This honouring prize has been awarded by Australia''s leading commercial maritime journal, Ausmarine. Australia and New Zealand''s top suppliers and manufacturers in the marine business from the past year were paid tribute across a range of categories. These companies really are the best in their field.

A continuous and reliable performance during the whole year

Because PALFINGER AUSTRALIA delivered a string of deck equipment to a range of high-profile vessels owners over the year, the company won the best crane award 2014. With a wide range of crane types suitable for all marine requirements, PALFINGER AUSTRALIA is the top supplier of knuckle boom and compact cranes in the region.

PALFINGER AUSTRALIA''S most high-profile vessel projects

PALFINGER MARINE''s down-under subsidiary mounted several crane series during the year. A PC 2700 crane was handed out to the owner of the diving ship Nirvana and the working boat Guru was equipped with a PK 32002 M crane. Moreover, a PK 4501 M crane was mounted on the Catamaran Te Kotuku, which belongs to Auckland''s leading ferry operator Fullers Group Ltd.

As an exceptional deck crane, PALFINGER AUSTRALIA also supplied a PK 4501 M-series unit for Incat Tasmania''s high-speed crew boat Muslim Magomayev in 2014. Situated on the vessel''s large aft cargo deck the crane plays a vital role in the craft''s “hotshot” cargo operations, which will see it transport up to 130 tonnes of cargo per payload at speeds of up to 35 knots.

PALFINGER AUSTRALIA, as a partner of PALFINGER MARINE, has proven once again to be the best choice for a benchmark in Australia and New Zealand for marine cranes.


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