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prebit® @ METS in SYP

prebit® technology creates a brisk demand

Germany lighting company Prebit has brought a couple of interesting innovations to its range of handmade cabin lights. First, their range of cabin and bedside light fittings - which are available in gorgeous bases machine milled from solid metal blocks, and with stalks finished in beautiful leather or similar - feature a wonderfully realised button and hardware mechanism whereby the on-off switch is actually multifunctional. The lights can be dimmed or raised by a press-and-hold, or switched to a red night light with a double click. Perhaps more interestingly, they are offering their fittings with a built-in USB port in the base for easy charging of personal devices. "It's rated at 3,000mA," Prebit's CEO Eberhard Vieg tells me, "so it can charge not only a phone but its powerful enough to charge an iPad or similar device in a reasonable time."

The company has also developed innovative dimming technology that negates the issue of LED lights appearing cold when dimmed. Called dim2warm, the technology means that when the light is dimmed, it takes on a warmer glow similar to incandescent or candle light. Seeing two units - one with dim2warm and one without - side by side on their stand at METS, the difference is quite striking. "The secret," Vieg says, "is in the programming of the chip in the base, and in the LED chip in the head." The LED chip features a combination of 3,000K and 2,200K LEDs, and the programming cleverly mixes the two as the light dims to ensure increasing warmth at the lower settings.

With the USB-base wall lights coming in around €200 depending on finish (only €30 more than the standard lights) and with the dim2warm tech being offered at a similarly small premium over the standard fittings, these are two ideas that could be well worth exploring for any yacht Project.

:TIM THOMAS from SuperYachtNews

prebit® @ METS in SYP


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  • Tim Thomas from SuperYachtNews

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