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warm-tone dimming

The possibility of dimming is still an important fact for most of the customers by buying a luminaire. When conventional incandescent lamps are dimmed, the color temperature drops and the light appears warmer. Until now it was just possible to reduce the intensity of the light by dimming LEDs but the light seems to become something colder.

With the brand new „dim2warm“ technology prebit has developed several luminaires with warm-tone dimming. A high-quality control system for the color temperature ensures that the light actually gets a warmer color temperature (from 3000 - 2200 K). These new models create a special soft dimmed LED light and provide a nice feel-good atmosphere – similar to an incandescent or halogen lamp. It soothes our senses. Thereby dim2warm by prebit conjures up the highly requested comfortable atmosphere in the living room - as in the shine of a candlelight. The special highlight is the fact that the very high RA value of > 90.


All dimmable prebit®-lights can be conveniently regulated to any desired intensity by means of the Soft push button. The built-in dimmer module with memory function ensures that your light switches on at the brightness level you selected the last time. You can vary the light intensity as desired by keeping your finger on the soft switch. With our brand new „dim2warm“ warm-tone dimming, color temperature control ensures that the light actually gets a warmer color temperature (from 3000 - 2200K).

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