Ideas galore at SuperyachtDESIGN Week Preview

The Superyacht Group
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Martin Redmayne discussed the importance of showroom involvement at the Design Centre

Together with Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, SuperyachtDesign welcomed designers, showrooms, sponsors and VIP guests for an intimate evening to celebrate the launch of SuperyachtDESIGNERS and to discuss ideas that will shape the programme for SuperyachtDESIGN Week 2015, from 23 – 25 June.

Speaking to a packed Design Club, Martin Redmayne, chairman of The Superyacht Group, shared why the new SuperyachtDESIGNERS portfolio is a vital tool for the market, giving “clear insight into some of the top designers in the world”. The driving force for the project came at the end of 2013 when Redmayne witnessed the challenge for an owner in choosing a designer. An online platform complements the printed portfolio, and will grow each month as it is updated with new projects and concepts by our SuperyachtDESIGNERS partners. Redmayne also explained how the input of those in attendance, and the design community as a whole, would be vital to the growth and success of SuperyachtDESIGN Week (SYDW) 2015. The focus of SYDW is to “produce an event that delivers intelligent ways of exploring design”, said Redmayne.

This idea of exploration is firmly rooted in the inclusion of Artisan & Innovator Showcases. An example of this was Crystal Caviar’s display in 2014, where guests were given the opportunity to create their own works of art. This year welcomes the introduction of Artisans Unlocked, where each showcase has five minutes to express the thinking behind their work. In addition, Redmayne stressed the importance of showroom involvement at the Design Centre. One of the key elements of their partnership with the event and the magazine, SuperyachtDesign, will be to host two of the many workshops that will act as a platform for top designers to interact with the industry and VIP guests.

Superyacht Events is thrilled to confirm that these workshops will be back on the agenda for 2015, alongside inspirational keynotes from some of the most successful names in design and the luxury world.With three days of networking, innovative sessions and interactive displays, guests will experience a total immersion into the design world.

Martin Redmayne addresses guests
Martin Redmayne addresses guests