On a Grand Scale

Queen Mary
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Revisiting RMS Queen Mary

During a recent visit to Southern California, I stayed at a Long Beach hotel with a view of the Queen Mary, launched in 1934 for the Cunard Steamship Co. The 1,019′ (311m) passenger liner was built by John Brown & Co. in Clydebank, Scotland, and designed to carry passengers from Europe to the U.S. faster than any other ship. Her other feats are no less impressive:

3 years, 10 months, 26 days construction time

12 decks

1,957 passengers

1,174 officers and crew

16,082 soldiers ferried on one voyage to the European front

145 persons lifeboat capacity (no lessons from the Titanic?)

160,000 hp/120,000 kW (4 x 40,000-hp steam engines)

140 tons weight of rudder

8′–30′ x 1.25″ (2.4m–9.1m x 32mm) plates

10 million-plus rivets

2,000 portholes

13′/gal (1m/l) fuel consumption

990′ (302m) anchor chain

224 lbs (101 kg) each chain link

1,001 transatlantic voyages

On a Grand Scale

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