Saab and Damen partner for Brazilian corvette project

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Saab and Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding are cooperating to compete for a project to supply four Tamandaré Class Corvettes (CCT) for the Brazilian Navy.

Should the proposal be selected, Saab will provide the complete combat system including the world leading Saab 9LV Combat Management System (CMS). The Saab 9LV is an open architecture CMS, known for its flexibility and easy integration of third-party modules as well as high performance mission equipment. The 9LV is based on experience from more than 300 successfully delivered systems, used by navies from several countries.

Damen will be responsible for supplying the Sigma 10514 corvette design, an off-the-shelf product that will be adapted according to the requirements of the client.

"Saab is looking forward to the cooperation with Damen and the local partners for the CCT program. We believe our proposal meets the requirements of the Brazilian Navy and offers the added value of industrial cooperation and transfer of technology that are intrinsic to Saab's way of doing business," says Marianna Silva, Head of Saab do Brasil.

"We at Damen appreciate the increasingly important task of the Brazilian Navy to safeguard the maritime domain against its existent and future threats and challenges. We are looking forward to participate in a constructive way in this process," says Mr. Richard Keulen, Director Naval Sales of Damen. "We also are confident that our product will integrate perfectly with those of Saab."

Damen Sigma Corvette
Damen Sigma Corvette

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