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Florida-based SeaDek Marine Products has developed a self-titled range of UV-stable surface textures designed to prevent heat transfer.

Providing an alternative to paint-on textures and other marine traction products, the watertight ethylene vinyl acetate foam ensures that surfaces subject to high levels of sun exposure remain cool to the touch.


Flooring can be beset by myriad problems. Exposure to seawater leads to carpeting becoming soggy and odorous whilst faux teak flooring can become discoloured, has poor shock absorption and high heat retention, making walking barefoot on deck uncomfortable.

Sold as sheets for DIY installation or as a custom-machined kit ready for immediate installation, the foam can be installed as a single layer or laminated to create a two-colour double layer. The material is anti-slip even when wet and adheres to the surface without the need for mounting hardware.

Straightforward replacement

A number of options is available including 27 colour combinations, faux teak and camouflage designs and surfaces can be embossed with boat or company names. SeaDek can be washed with normal detergent and a hosepipe and should last between five and eight years. Replacing the product is straightforward with no need for drilling or a spell in drydock.

SeaDek in the UK is managed by Sean & Karl Roebuch at Bristol-based ProCast Products.


  • 5440 Schenck Ave, Rockledge, FL 32955, USA