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Spinlock launched its Rig-Sense product at the end of the last Olympic cycle.

Now the rig-tuning tool is being used by several of the current Olympic squads who want to record their data and repeat their rig settings.

“Everyone is after data,” explained Doug Vincent, technical sales and support for Spinlock.

“People want to understand the art of tuning their rigging and sharing data. In the past it’s always been a bit of a black art.

“With Rig-Sense, the settings are consistent and repeatable, with a variation of plus or minus 5% between devices.”

A composite leaf spring is calibrated to output repeatable tensile load readings to a direct linear scale in kilogrammes, rather than having to check and calculate loads on a set of tables.

The device is available in two models - for 2-5mm and 5-8mm wire and can be used with an app that will record measurements and allow favourite rig settings for different conditions to be repeated.

It is designed to be used with wire or fibre cable rigging.