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August Race’s UK-made line up of products include yacht, RIB, SUP and kayak cleaners, protective UV wax, synthetic teak cleaner and gel coat stainer treatment.

Growth of mould and mildew occurs over the winter months when boats are left covered. If not properly dried and ventilated then a boat will sweat in the winter sun causing condensation on the inside of the cover. Where the cover rests on high points like the tops of RIB tubes, against vinyl seat pads or on rubbing strakes these areas are often worst affected by mould spot.

“Laying up a boat correctly is the best way to reduce the workload the following season,” explained Peter Wallbank August Race sales director. “Cleaning a boat at the end of the season is time consuming but restoring a damaged boat more so."

Sporicidal treatment

To reduce damage over winter August Race recommends cleaning a boat fully prior to layup.

“It’s important not to miss any areas of dirt or bird foul that if left could stain the gel coat or other finishes,” says Peter.

The boat needs to be left as dry as possible with a small gap between the cover and boat to allow it to breathe.

For a total pre-layup treatment August Race’s Boat Bomb is an anti-mould sporicidal treatment designed to kill any mould spors before they have a chance to grow.

For boats that have already suffered the effects of mould damage, August Race’s Spot Off is formulated to eliminate mould staining.

Cleaning a boat saves time in the long run

Cleaning a boat saves time in the long run

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