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Landau UK has signed to be a UK distributor of Shockwave S5 marine suspension seating.

The shock mitigating seating is designed and manufactured in Canada using military-grade components for protection and safety.

“Shockwave seating is making waves in the recreational and commercial marine sectors with a new easy to install, cost-effective, marine suspension module that protects boaters from the shock of wave impact and increases their comfort and safety,” explained Sara Boyes, Landau marketing and tender manager.

“Based in the North Pacific they are perfectly placed to constantly test their products in real-world conditions in some of the most severe seas on the planet.”

And she explained that the company also carries out comprehensive drop testing and safety analysis in order to develop products that exceed the requirements of military organisations.

Landau UK is able to supply the marine suspension modules, seats, swivels and swivel slide, height adjust and shock pump and gauge.

Landau UK will distribute Shockwave S5 seats

Landau UK will distribute Shockwave S5 seats