Remote IT management ordered for 38 car carriers

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Satellite communications provider Marlink has been selected to monitor and service IT systems remotely on a fleet of car and truck carriers operated by Höegh Autoliners

Marlink will standardise and automate the IT environment across 38 ships, then update software and diagnose IT issues.

Marlink will use KeepUp@Sea, part of its new ITLink portfolio, to remotely manage IT networks on these vessels from September 2019, after hardware and shore tests have been completed.

KeepUp@Sea is designed to efficiently deploy and manage IT infrastructure and software across vessel fleets.

It will enable Höegh Autoliners to maintain its IT systems’ availability and security and ensure they remain updated with the latest software and patches.

KeepUp@Sea’s online applications and file distribution will limit the risk of human error, and dramatically reduce the resources and time required to update software and antivirus manually.

Höegh Autoliners is using Marlink’s services to replace its existing processes of using physical media to upgrade onboard networks.

This will help Höegh Autoliners to improve IT compliance, ensuring the ship operator is ready for new regulations and guidelines, including the IMO 2021 Cyber Security section. Höegh Autoliners can extend Marlink’s ITLink solutions when it adds new vessels to the fleet.

Höegh Autoliners transports cars, trucks and other transportation, such as trams and trains, on deepsea cross-Ocean routes, supplemented by shortsea routes in Europe and Caribbean.

Marlink president for maritime Tore Morten Olsen said Höegh Autoliners will see value from using this bespoke IT solution.

“Höegh Autoliners will see significant value of moving towards a maritime IT environment optimised for ‘floating offices’ including over-the-air file deployment and software updates to stay fully compliant towards both regulatory bodies and industry best practice,” Mr Olsen said.

ITLink’s solutions are a means of “enabling an efficient, cost-effective vessel ICT environment that requires less human interaction on board and by the customer’s IT team,” he added.

Hoegh Autoliners will use Marlink ITLink IT solutions on its car carriers

Hoegh Autoliners will use Marlink ITLink IT solutions on its car carriers