Product tanker ordered to service niche ports

Thun Tankers
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Thun Tankers of Sweden has returned to Scheepswerf Ferus Smit shipyard in the Netherlands for a 4,250 dwt product tanker capable of resting on the sea bed in tidal ports

The tanker will be delivered October 2020 and enter into a long-term agreement with UK-based Geos Group. It will be built to a ’Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground’ (NAABSA) design which allows the vessel to rest on the sea bed without breaking in two or capsizing when calling at tidal-restricted niche ports.

Thun has designed the vessel to maximise cargo intake and increase in-port performance with the scope to allow further increased cargo lot sizes going into restricted niche ports. The optimised design is known as a NAABSA-Max. According to the illustration, the vessel is to named Thun Naabsa.

The newbuilding will be built by Scheepswerf Ferus Smit in the Netherlands, with whom the Erik Thun Group has a longstanding relationship. The shipyard has built more than 35 vessels for the Erik Thun Group.

Thun Tankers BV’s chief operating officer Joakim Lund said ”We have identified the demand for improved niche-size tankers with increased performance and cargo capacity. This NAABSA-Max tanker will be built to the absolutely latest design, enabling Geos Group and their clients’ access to the most efficient transport solution available in this size of shipments.“

The managing director of Thun Tankers Johan Källsson commented “We always strive to meet our customers’ various demands with tailor-made solutions. With this order we are delivering on that promise with a purpose-built tanker for our close partner Geos Group.

Geos Group managing director Barry Newton said “The NAABSA vessel being built by Thun Tankers for our own requirements will help strengthen our northwest Europe physical market position. The new vessel will allow us to focus on enhancing our position as the most reliable bunker supplier in our market by bringing in additional ship-to-ship capability as well as the option of supplying more niche ports. This is an exciting opportunity for us and our clients alike and can only strengthen our partnership with Thun Tankers and take us into a period of strong partnership and growth together.”

Thun Naabsa

LOA: 79.9 m

Beam: 15 m

Capacity: 4,250 dwt

Cubic: 4,800 m3

Cargo heating: yes

Tank coating: Jotun Flexline

IMO: Type II

Thun Tankers has placed an order for a Not Always Afloat but Safely Aground product tanker

Thun Tankers has placed an order for a Not Always Afloat but Safely Aground product tanker