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Helpful Workshops & Lectures in a brand new Look

The Refit Center gets a whole new coat of paint at the 51st International boot Düsseldorf! The Refit Center's stage, which can now be found in Hall 10, serves as a meeting point for water sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Because in many sailors and motorboat drivers there are also inventors who like to repair, repair and tinker themselves. The two experienced long-distance sailors and passionate refitters Hinnerk Weiler and Bastian Hauck will lead the guests through the varied and interesting programme again this year. As usual, supplementary workshops will take place parallel to the lectures on stage, where visitors to boot Düsseldorf can deepen their newly acquired specialist knowledge themselves.

Podcast: boot Düsseldorf Refit Talk

The Segelradio, the podcast by Hinnerk Weiler, has established itself in recent years and developed into an important "must-hear" for water sports enthusiasts. Together with different guests the well-known blue water sailor reports on trips, experiences, experiences and presents new products, events, sailors or literature. Together with the world's largest water sports fair, the boot Düsseldorf Refit Talk is now being created there. A total of eight episodes will focus on Refit & DIY.

The series, which celebrated its premiere in mid-October 2019, will appear every second Thursday until boot at the end of January 2020. The podcast can be heard via all major players such as iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify or online at As a highlight during the boot two episodes will be streamed live from the Refit Center stage. In addition, some protagonists from the podcast series will also be present in Düsseldorf to report in detail and answer questions in personal conversations. In addition count among other things Kirstin Dubs, chief of the boat value Freest and Jan von der Bank, which began in its garage its own boat to build.

Comprehensive specialist lectures on all aspects of the Refit

The new sailing season can already be anticipated in January. Dedicated hobbyists, interested parties and experienced boat builders are welcome to deepen and share their knowledge in Hall 10. Let yourself be infected by the enthusiasm of the speakers and guests in the Refit Center.

Basic work on hull & rigg

The winter is long - everybody knows that! So there is enough time to get your own boat in shape. The basis is often the maintenance of the hull. In various lectures it concerns therefore repairs, loops, spatulas and lacquering of GFK boats. The boat builders and professionals of the boatyard Baumgart, M. u. H. von der Linden and Bootspunkt share their expertise with the guests of boot Düsseldorf. The rig must also be checked regularly for damage. Carsten Burfeind from Hahnfeld GmbH & Co. shows how to recognize these damages and how they can best be repaired.

Refit becomes digital

The networked world and digitalization do not stop at the ship's side. The electronics and electrics on board can lead to many a grey hair on one's own. Marc Jänke of B.I.S. Electronics answers the question about the Internet on board and shows how to bridge the gap to the port network with WLAN antennas on board. For the first time at the boot Düsseldorf there will also be a "Hackerspace" in the Refit Center. The creators of the Open Boat initiative invite you to do handicrafts with electronics, right up to building a complete chart plotter yourself.

The trend to buy an older boat and to refit it on one's own initiative is met with enthusiasm by younger people in particular, who often act without fear of contact or great experience. Take the camera in your hand and show the fans your progress! Refit is cool, varied and eventful as well as increasingly female! The project Sailing Benko presents itself on the boat. In their authentic way, the two likeable Munich residents Ruben Schmidt & Stefanie Wimmer give insights into their refit project. They have been working on their ship in Italy for more than a year now and will soon be taking a break on the water for several years. The Blue Horizon project will also be on site. The friends Leonie, Jonas and Thilo bought a steel ship in need of restoration in the Netherlands and want to use it for a trip around the world. The three dared to jump into the cold water, because they have no sailing or boating experience. They report on the challenges they faced on their way on the refit stage.

Refit Center International

In order to offer the international visitors attractive possibilities to inform themselves comprehensively around the topic Refit the program on the boot 2020 will again be able to welcome English-speaking guests and speakers. These will round off the extensive programme. Among them is Graham O'Conner from Marlow Ropes, who will show you how to use Dyneema correctly and sensibly and how to effectively care for the ongoing good. Nico de Graaf from Masterspars will also be a guest and will provide important information on how to detect damage to the rigg in good time.

Do it Yourself is the motto of this year's workshops

In various workshops, the exhibitors and speakers will show many useful tips and tricks for on-board use in addition to the daily programme. Visitors have the opportunity to become active themselves and ask the experts for advice.

Whether sanding, painting or smoothing: the boat builders of the shipyard Baumgart will show you how to do it right! Sail maker Ulrich Münker from the sail maker Faber+Münker in Kiel stands like no other for the expertise around the cloth. In his workshop, Münker shows how a skillful boatman's seam or adhesive patches can save his own trip. The built-in motor often quickly causes owners to sweat on their forehead! The fact that these worries and scepticism are mostly unfounded is explained vividly when it says: On the impeller, ready, go!

The mentioned workshops take place daily. Each visitor will be given the chance not only to look over the shoulder of the professionals, but also to ask questions and to put their hands to the workpiece.

Service topics in the Refit Center

Tips, tricks and competent answers for all matters concerning the boat can also be expected in 2020. The experts and professionals report on developments and trends from the world of refits. The service-oriented range of topics extends from electric motors and motors to filling and polishing.

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