Nautilus Labs Inmarsat’s new fleet data application provider

Nautilus Labs Inmarsat
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Nautilus Labs, a technology startup that specialises in ocean commerce through using artificial intelligence, and British telecommunications company Inmarsat have partnered to join a group of application providers for Inmarsat’s Fleet Data service.

Nautilus Labs will use the Fleet Data Application Programming Interface (API) to help automate data collection as part of the proprietary fleet optimization UI Nautilus Platform that provides ship owners with predictive data to reduce fuel consumption and improve decision making in real time.

Fleet Data was developed by Inmarsat and made commercially available earlier this year. The service collects signals from onboard sensors, pre-processes that data, and uploads it to a central cloud-based database equipped with a dashboard and an API.

Nautilus Labs’ CEO Matt Heider said “It’s critical that vessel owners and operators have simple, easy, and consistent access to actionable information. We’re proud to partner with Inmarsat, a satcom titan that has built their maritime book of business on best-in-class voice and data solutions. Together, we’ll help connect more clients with continuous, cost-saving fleet optimization insights on Nautilus Platform for the teams at sea and on shore.”

Inmarsat Maritime’s Head of Digital Solutions, Marco Cristoforo Camporeale said Inmarsat covered Nautilus in a recent report on maritime startups and added that the agreement would benefit end users,

“This tie-up will allow ship operators and fleet managers to optimize their entire fuel process and reduce unnecessary costs and meet decarbonisation targets, this is all achieved through the Nautilus Labs application on Fleet Data and via a secure platform that is fully scalable, fleet-wide and now commercially available on both Fleet Xpress and FleetBroadband,” says Mr Camporeale.

Inmarsat’s Fleetbroadband system has received the approval of the industry. In 2018, the Fleetbroadband service received official IMO approval to support the Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS).

Nautilus to manage Inmarsat's Fleet data service

Nautilus to manage Inmarsat's Fleet data service