New IoT and OT unified platform unveiled

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A new platform has been introduced to enable ship bridge systems to be connected to internet-of-things (IoT) technology and onboard sensor networks

Marlink unveiled BridgeLink as a technology-agnostic digital platform to securely connect on board operational technology (OT) to sensor networks and satellite IP connectivity.

This introduction comes as industry leaders in tanker and LNG shipping sectors are discussing deployment and benefits of IoT and remote monitoring at two key conferences in London. Shipowners and managers, from companies such as V.Ships, Anthony Veder, Nakilat, Maran Gas Maritime, Teekay Tankers, Sovcomflot, Ardmore Shipping and Columbia Shipmanagement discussed technology adoption at Riviera Maritime Media’s Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference and LNG Ship/Shore Interface Conference Europe in London this week.

BridgeLink is a unifying platform for linking critical navigation equipment, such as radar, ECDIS, conning and propulsion control with vessel automation and power management and sensors used for monitoring condition and performance of engineroom systems.

“We created BridgeLink to make remote ship management and maintenance processes more straightforward, streamlined, agnostic and secure,” said Marlink president for maritime Tore Morten Olsen.

“It has capacity to integrate, analyse and clearly present any data from any vessel in any back-end system,” he said.

BridgeLink can be used with Marlink’s satellite communications, CyberGuard and ITLink products.

It enables IoT applications for shipping companies to deploy remote ship management and smart maintenance systems to enhance and improve vessel efficiency, using secure data collection for specialised analysis and applications. Data securely transmitted to shore can be analysed for performance monitoring and predictive maintenance purposes.

Marlink subsidiary Telemar will use BridgeLink to introduce smart maintenance services for shipowners and managers.

Marlink introduced Bridgelink to link bridge OT in one unifying platform

Marlink introduced Bridgelink to link bridge OT in one unifying platform