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Ark Marine has solved a problem for cruising yacht owners with the launch of its new Dinghy Derrick (DD).

New cruising yacht designs are moving towards a drop-down transom platform which leaves no room for conventional deck mounted davits, explained Mike Arkell of Ark Marine.

Whilst there are manual telescopic davits available for some new yachts they are compromised in function and very onerous to retro fit to an existing yacht. Moreover, steeply raked sterns require davits of such arm reach that the base footprint cannot take the bending moment, so effectively suffer the same problem even if deck space were present.

Three position system

The DD provides an alternative to towing through its three position system. Firstly, the DD elevates the dinghy, sliding up a pair of tracks to the top position where it is locked for safety.

During carriage, the DD carries the dinghy at the bottom of the sliding tracks. This position can be adjusted higher or lower to suit conditions, such as heeling during tacking where there is a benefit to having the dinghy a little higher.

When launched the dinghy is not dropped vertically downwards, but lowered at an angle into the water to an adjustable distance away to allow use of a drop-down platform or clear a raked stern.

DD can carry a substantial RIB and engine up to 130kgs with the weight broadly dispersed across multiple structural points. It works by pushbutton control of an integral winch system and can be launched in less than 20 seconds even with no power.

The three operating positions of Ark Marine's Dinghy Derrick

The three operating positions of Ark Marine's Dinghy Derrick