New developments at the Port of Hamburg

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Dock 10 at Blohm+Voss to be converted into covered dock…

Designs have been presented to the city’s panning office for a new construction hall planned for Blohm+Voss Dock 10 in Hamburg, which would make it Europe’s largest covered floating dock. The construction of the structure is expected to start from mid-2020.

The covering of the 287m floating dock is the result of a €13 million investment from parent company, Lürssen in a bid to modernise the Blohm+Voss dock infrastructure and further strengthen the Hamburg shipyard location’s status as a refit destination of world repute.

It is hoped the infrastructure’s design will offer improved occupational health and safety and reduce emissions as well as rendering the shipyard better-equipped for confidential projects and the often temperamental Hamburg weather.

“The renovation enables us to significantly expand the range of repairs and refit services for existing and potential customers of yachts, naval and cruise ships. It also further increases the appeal of the location, especially for our yacht customers,” explained Dr. Klaus Borgschulte, Chairman of the Supervisory Board for Blohm+Voss. “In addition, we will significantly improve the working conditions for our employees and make ourselves less dependent on the weather. Thanks to the new roof, we will be able to also significantly reduce noise emissions and energy consumption.”

Designed by German architect and engineer Werner Sobek, the new roof grants clients the opportunity to display their ships within the translucently-framed floating dock if desired. The structure will also consist of framework panels along the length of the dock, alternately arranged inwards and outwards to create folds of reflection and shadow that accent the length of the dock.

A translucent membrane on the exterior façade has been included to ensure sufficient lighting inside while the central area of the north façade has a transparent membrane creating a type of showcase that can be observed from the city on the opposite quayside. A custom-made drape can be drawn across the length of the membrane to provide complete privacy for more confidential projects.

Blohm+Voss was acquired by Lürssen in 2016. Since then, the owner has already invested €20 million in the Hamburg shipyard; the completion of the work on Dock 10 will bring the total investment at Blohm+Voss to over €33 million.

New developments at the Port of Hamburg