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Winners of first Rossinavi Design Challenge announced at Seatec

The 18th edition of Seatec marked an exciting moment for young superyacht designers as the first-ever Rossinavi Design Challenge took place.

Promoted by the Rossinavi shipyard and organised by IMM CarraraFiere in partnership with SuperYacht Times, The Yachts Sale YouTube Channel and the ModelMaker Group, the Rossinavi Design Challenge was an opportunity for aspiring designers to establish connections with key industry players and enter the market.

The first place for the Rossinavi Design Challenge 2020 was awarded to Gianluca Bina and Mirko Oprandi, an Italian design-duo living in Ljubljana, Slovenia, who have received full support from Rossinavi for the development and production of a scale model of the winning project from the ModelMaker Group. The pair will also be supported with the preparations needed for the sale of the project. Second place was awarded to Hidden Port Side, a Barcelona-based design team, followed by Giacomo Schiarol, a young Italian freelancer based in London, who was awarded third place.

As the only event dedicated to the sector in Italy and Europe, Rossinavi deliberately chose Seatec - an international exhibition of technologies, subcontracting and design for recreational boating - for the promotion of the Rossinavi Design Challenge. The theme for this year’s challenge was to develop the external lines and internal layout of a superyacht of up to 500 GT using new design solutions, uses and types of methods that welcome innovative materials and unconventional propulsion systems. The incorporation of ecological, sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques and philosophies was also a requirement, given the tremendous importance of the issue.

Antonio Vettese, editor-in-chief at Yacht Capital and editor of The Boat Show, was part of the jury panel judging the Rossinavi Design Challenge contestants. Noticing a shift within the pleasure yacht industry, Vettese commented: “Today, many owners want their ships to be ready to navigate even through ice, and this leads to complications. In the projects we have seen in the competition, some participants have gone into this territory, sometimes solving the problem well. Innovation does not always have to be something never seen before - sometimes innovation can be made by looking at the past and certain traditional solutions, because ‘tradition’ does not simply mean old and stale values, but elaborate values that millennia of navigation have proposed and brought to sea."

The design challenge was hosted in conjunction with the 17th edition of the Millennium Yacht Design Award (MYDA), which saw young designers from around the world presenting as many as 60 projects. Federico Rossi, Chairman of the jury and COO of Rossinavi, commented: “The project we worked on with Seatec has been well organised and is aimed at opening up opportunities for success. Considering the historical success of the MYDA award, we expected a good response. We came to the event with 60 important projects by young designers - Italian and foreign - from 17 different countries ranging from North to South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East - so we can say that the idea has been well received.”

Winners of first Rossinavi Design Challenge announced at Seatec


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