Barnacle Systems announces ‘BRNKL Mate’ – a new product to merge the smart home with the smart boat

Barnacle Systems Inc.
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Barnacle Systems Inc. ( is proud to announce that their new product, BRNKL Mate, is now available for pre-order for $295CDN ($245USD).

BRNKL Mate is merging the world of the ‘smart home’ with the ‘smart boat’ by allowing third-party accessories such as Samsung SmartThings to integrate into your boat’s security and monitoring system. “After witnessing how well 3rd party accessories worked together in the ‘smart home’, we thought it would be in our best interests to support sensors provided by big brands such as Samsung, Google, and Amazon,” says Barnacle Systems’ founder, Brandon Wright. Unlike standard marine electronics that communicate over antiquated and unsecure networks, the BRNKL Mate integrates wireless technologies that are trusted by millions of homeowners around the world. In addition to communicating to wireless Smart Home devices, the BRNKL Mate provides a connection to the NMEA 2000 network on your boat to allow for the collection of engine data, tank levels, and weather station data. For users that commonly go offshore, the BRNKL Mate can also be connected to approved satellite transceivers for remote monitoring.

True to the BRNKL Mate’s name, the device can connect to BRNKL. BRNKL is Barnacle Systems’ flagship product that provides security and monitoring onboard your boat. When connected to your BRNKL, the BRNKL Mate expands the capabilities of your existing system to include the new sensors, NMEA 2000 data, satellite communications and add a second camera.

When the BRNKL Mate is used as a stand-alone device it requires no subscription and communicates to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth to provide real time monitoring of your systems while you’re on your boat. The data is then stored in the cloud and can be reviewed again at any time whether you’re at your boat, at home, or halfway around the world.

Barnacle Systems’ flagship product, BRNKL (pronounced barnacle), is like a “home security system for your boat” allowing users to check on their vessel remotely from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. With an onboard camera for security and built-in sensors to monitor a vessel’s critical systems. The Victoria-based company retails their product for $1245CDN ($895USD). BRNKL also supports accessories such as pressure mats, door sensors, and sirens for additional vessel security. The BRNKL device is cellular-based and provides global coverage under their $29/mo or $300/yr subscription plans.

Barnacle Systems announces ‘BRNKL Mate’ – a new product to merge the smart home with the smart boat