MIBS2020: Furuno TimeZero Touch 3

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It’s always exciting when a new series of MFDs is announced and Furuno’s TimeZero Touch 3 is no exception.

As you can see Furuno is promising quite a few improvements with TZT3. Furuno has also announced higher powered open-array, solid-state radar units and the availability of their SCX20 and SCX21 satellite compass.

Initially TZT3 MFDs will be available in 12, 16 and 19 inch display sizes. The 12 inch MFD has hybrid controls with both touch and physical button and knob interfaces. The 16 and 19 inch MFDs are touchscreen only but Furuno offers three different button remotes that work with the TZT3 MFDs and can be seen in the top photo above.

I think one of the biggest deals is what Furuno is calling the TZ Cloud Ecosystem. With TZT3 Furuno now has an impressive array of products that work together from TZT2 and TZT3 MFDs, TZ iBoat mobile app, TZ Cloud web platform and TimeZero Navigator and TimeZero Professional PC software. TZ Cloud allows waypoints, routes, photos and zones to be synchronized between all the TimeZero products. The synchronization is seamless and quite fast with a newly created item reflected across all (internet connected) devices very quickly.

Furuno has also announced the DRS12A-NXT and DRS25A-NXT solid-state open-array radars. The DRS12A-NXT is a 100 watt radar with performance similar to a 12 kw magnetron array and the DRS25A-NXT is a 200 watt radar with performance roughly equivalent to a 25 kw magnetron. These radars are compatible with TZT2 and TZT3 MFDs.

Rounding out Furuno’s announcements is the Deep Impact DI-FFAMP. This amplifier connects to the internal 1 kw sounder in a TZT3 MFD and allows you to amplify the sounder to 2 or 3kw (depending on the transducer) for better deep water performance. If you already have a TZT2 system on your boat and want to take advantage of the DI-FFAMP Furuno says that you will be able to introduce a single TZT3 MFD on the network, connect the DI-FFAMP to that MFD and the sonar data will be available on all TZT2 and TZT3 MFDs on the network.

Furuno says the new MFDs will be available in mid to late March.

MIBS2020: Furuno TimeZero Touch 3

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