MIBS2020: Koden MDS-11R RADARpc, radar for Coastal Explorer

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While walking the floor of the Miami International Boat Show something caught my eye in Si-Tex’s booth.

I saw what looked like a PC screen running Coastal Explorer but with a radar display shown. It turns out this is a new version of Koden’s RADARpc that interfaces nearly any Koden or Si-Tex radar with a PC running Coastal Explorer. I remembered that years ago there was an option for radar with Coastal Explorer but I’m not aware of any current options until Koden’s new version of their RADARpc.

RADARpc allows you to use Koden’s — Si-Tex is the North American distributor for Koden’s products — radar scanners with Rose Point Navigation’s Coastal Explorer or Rose Point ECS. Nearly all modern radar units use Ethernet to communicate between the radar scanner and the display device. But because radar interfaces are proprietary it typically isn’t possible to use a radar with a display from any other company. So, until now the only option for recreational boaters to display radar on a PC has been TimeZero paired with Furuno’s radar units.

Koden’s MDS-11R interface box makes it all happen. This, $1,900 list price, box allows you to connect any Koden or Si-Tex radar unit to the MDS-11R and then connect a computer — or phone or tablet in the future — running compatible software. Coastal Explorer is the only software package that’s currently compatible but hopefully we will see other developers implement it.

RADARpc units are in stock and available for shipment immediately. In addition to the standalone interface box there are bundles of a radar scanner and the interface box available. Starting with a 4kw 25-inch enclosed dome for a $4,300 list price all the way up to a 12kw 6.5-foot open array for $9,000.

MIBS2020: Koden MDS-11R RADARpc, radar for Coastal Explorer