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New Liqui Moly Marine 4T Shooter Fuel Additive

Pouring a can extends engine life and boosts performance.

Made in Germany, Liqui Moly Marine 4T Shooter fuel additive is designed to extend the life of four-stroke marine engines while boosting performance, according to the company. Pouring a can of Marine 4T Shooter from Liqui Moly into a boat or PWC gasoline tank improves starting, cleans internal parts, fights corrosion and protects the entire fuel system.

While Liqui Moly is renowned throughout the world for auto and motorcycle racing, Marine 4T Shooter was formulated specifically for boats. Powerful cleaning agents remove deposits on injectors and carburetors, valves, plugs and combustion chambers. It leaves engines protected against wear, corrosion and gunk build-up, whether running or in between use. Start-ups are easier when using Liqui Moly Marine 4T Shooter and engines runs smoother, from idle to WOT. Because clean engines use less fuel, mileage is maximized and fewer pollutants emitted. One 6.7 fl. oz. can ($10.99) treats 18 gallons of gasoline. Liqui Moly formulates and manufactures a complete range of marine diesel and gasoline engine lubricants and fuel additives available at many powersports and auto parts retailers, include NAPA outlets. For more info and retail locations go to Liqui Moly.


  • Ulm, Germany
  • Liqui Moly