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Demystifying the design market

The Superyacht Agency looks at how design houses should engage with owners and their teams…

As many designers will tell you, taking a project to market can be an immensely confusing process. While there are a handful of initiatives a designer can adopt, understanding where to focus one’s efforts isn’t always clear and can prove to be an expensive mistake if it turns out to be the wrong one.

The superyacht market is flooded with concepts and designs, largely owed to a proliferation of new designers entering the market. While, on the one hand, this can galvanise and inspire the industry, on the other, it can confuse owners over what is actually feasible.

In order to present some clarity within the design sector, The Superyacht Agency, in partnership with the Olesinski design studio, is conducting research into the relationship between designer, shipyard, owner and a number of key influential stakeholders.

Please share your insight about how design houses should engage with owners and shipyards below; all comments will be kept anonymous and those who complete the survey and enter their details will be entered into a draw for a £200 cash prize. Alternatively, this can be donated to a charity or, in the wake of current coronavirus pandemic, frontline emergency service staff.

To be entered into the draw you must supply your name and email. This will only be used for the purpose of contacting you should you win the cash prize.


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