Dometic Optimus All-Electric Steering system installed and testing under way

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About two weeks ago I wrapped up the installation of Dometic’s Optimus All Electric Steering System.

I first wrote about this system the end of last year as it collected several major innovation and design awards. At the time I was intrigued by what it promised and the improvements it could bring to the installation and operation of outboard steering systems.

Since that piece I’ve acquired an outboard powered center console of my own and I’ve been able to fit one of Dometic’s new steering systems to my boat. Now I’m able to experience first-hand what it can do for the handling of the boat. After a remarkably simple six hour install (much of that time spent convincing the old, hydraulic, salt encrusted system to let go of the motor) I’ve been able to get out on the water and put the system through its paces.

So far I’ve put about 35 hours on the system and my initial optimism has only grown. The system hasn’t stumbled and so far I’m yet to find a situation in which it’s not an improvement over the hydraulic system it replaced. I want to get over 50 hours of usage on the system so I can get a sense of how the system holds up over a slightly longer run but I anticipate publishing a full review in the near future. After my initial review, I’ll continue to run the system and be able to report on how it holds up and any issues that might arise.

Dometic Optimus All Electric Steering System installed on Panbo(at)

Dometic Optimus All Electric Steering System installed on Panbo(at)


Dometic Optimus All-Electric Steering Preview