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Centurion Vi24 Boat Test

The Vi24 mixes sizable wakes with gorgeous looks and a comfortable ride.

With its lower profile and sleeker lines, the Centurion Vi24 looks gorgeous, drawing inspiration from the classic ski boats of yesteryear rather than today’s wake behemoths. While its length and full 8-foot-6-inch beam still dwarf its ski-boat ancestors, it’s a beautiful boat that evokes a tinge of nostalgia while serving up all the tech and comfort today’s enthusiasts demand.

Like all Centurion boats, the Vi24 is built upon the Opti-V hull, which features 20 degrees of deadrise. And like all Centurion boats, the Vi24 reaps the rewards in its wakes and waves, as well as a comfortable ride in rougher waters. The wakes can be tweaked and tuned with the onboard Stinger Wake Plate and QuickSurf tabs. Subfloor ballast holds a whopping 3,050 pounds, while three plug-and-play bags in the stern and bow add 1,750 more. Centurion’s Ramfill system fills the subfloor ballast in less than 90 seconds. With a minimal crew, our test rider noted the wakes were sizable and provided plenty of pop for all levels of wakeboarding, while the surf wave had lots of push and a large pocket.

On board the Vi24, with room for 14, passengers are treated to a comfortable, durable Spradling interior. Seating is customizable thanks to pop-up backrests, as well as the rear seat that slides into the cabin to act as a rear-facing bench.

The PCM 450 HO engine provided our test boat with plenty of power. The Vi24 handled like a smaller boat, holding strong in tight turns.

From the helm, all of the Vi24’s functions can be controlled with a large, easy-to-use touchscreen. Paddle shifters behind the steering wheel allow for instantaneous adjustments to both the boat’s speed and the Stinger wake plate, which changes the Vi24’s running attitude. With it, riders can choose between a longer, more mellow wave, or a shorter, beefier one. This makes the Vi24 a boat any rider can feel comfortable behind.

High Points

Opti-V hull delivers a comfortable ride, powerful waves and symmetrical wakes.

Roswell Maximus Tower can be color matched to the Vi24’s gelcoat for added customization.

QuickLaunch engages three transom mounted tabs to get the Vi24 on plane faster and with minimal bow rise, even under full load.

Low Points

Seating capacity is lower than other boats in its class.

Toughest Competitor

If you’re shopping around, compare the Vi24 to the Supra SE (starting at $148,600), which is 5 inches longer but holds 18 passengers.

Price: $153,415 (as tested)

Available Power: V-drive

How We Tested

Engine: PCM 450 HO

Drive/Prop: V-drive/ 4-blade 16:13

Gear Ratio: 1.72:1

Fuel Load: 63 gal.

Crew Weight: 376 lb.

Centurion Boats - Merced, California; 209-384-0255;

Centurion Vi24 Certified Test Results


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