Iguana Yachts launches amphibious day limo

Iguana Yachts
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The amphibious tender has been designed specifically for the challenges of efficient superyacht operation…

Iguana Yachts has announced the launch of its Iguana Day Limo – an amphibious tender created specifically for the challenges of efficient superyacht operation. The amphibious beach lander and versatile sports platform has been designed to combine style with protection from the elements in the form of an integrated yet retractable guest canopy.

“With the launch of the Iguana Day Limo, we offer a convenient solution for superyachts,” explains Antoine Brugidou, president and founder of Iguana Yachts. “We have created this new model specifically addressed for this market, giving the most demanding clients a fully-integrated amphibious solution that will provide safety, luxury and reliability.”

The tender is designed for the comfort and protection of guests and has many features to simplify crew operations and maintenance. With capacity to carry 12 guests, the limo protects passengers from the elements with a retractable dodger that deploys in four possible positions (see image slides). At 1.75m high, the limo can fit into slim superyacht garages and is available with a wider range of power options, including 300hp diesel or twin 225hp V6 for speeds up to 50 mph.

While amphibious tenders have typically appealed to yachts visiting remote destinations with little infrastructure for getting ashore, they are an increasingly appealing option for use on board any yacht simply to elevate the guest experience and improve crew operations. Amphibious tenders bring benefits that regular tenders do not, providing the ability to remove negative experiences for guests during beach landings. However, many dismiss the market as a gimmicky one associated with compromise on performance and safety

“Multi-purpose vehicles have always existed, but mainly in the form of land vehicles that can also go on to the water, which by their very nature are not very efficient in the water or safe in rough conditions,” said Steve Huppert, sales manager at Iguana Yachts, in a previous interview with SuperyachtNews. “For this reason, the amphibious-tender market has always been viewed by the superyacht industry as a compromise. However, Iguana Yachts’ tenders are not designed to be land vehicles but real boats with no compromise on performance or safety that are used on land in places with no infrastructure for tenders. There is a big difference between the two.”

However, Huppert sees the general attitude and mindset changing towards amphibious tenders as the superyacht market gains more experience of them. “People only think that it’s a compromise or difficult to operate or maintain if they haven’t experienced it,” he adds. “The industry is always skeptical of new technologies and, [at] just over 10 years old, Iguana Yachts is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things. The main feedback we get from yachts with an Iguana on board is that the owners and guests love it, and that is gradually trickling down through the industry.”

Iguana Yachts launches amphibious day limo