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Saxdor Scooter 200 Sport: Starter boats don’t come much cooler than this

Many manufacturers talk of building affordable, entry-level boats but this first model from new company Saxdor is a genuinely attainable, brand new starter boat

At just shy of 20ft long, the Scooter promises to deliver cheap fun on the water, be that for watersports, beach visits or simply going out for a blast to enjoy the potential 45-knot top speed.

Granted, you have to put up with simple jockey seats and the base version doesn’t come with any shelter overhead but for a launch price south of £22,000 with a 100hp outboard engine and inclusive of VAT that is a compromise that’s easy to swallow.

The base model, capable of 32 knots, is understandably sparse but the Pro model adds more power, for a top speed of 45 knots, and more kit.

Options include a bench seat as opposed to the jockey configuration, a T-top, navigation kit and an upgraded audio system. There’s even the option of a canvas that affixes to the front lifting hatch to create a sleeping space. Basic, certainly, but a neat option.

Though short, the twin-stepped hull with its fine-entry bow should ride well and being so light and narrow it’s no surprise Saxdor claims such sparkling efficiency stats. As a first step into boat ownership, you couldn’t ask for more.


LOA (ex. engine): 19ft 6in (5.94m)

Beam: 7ft 6in (2.29m)

Engine: Single outboard up to 175hp

Top speed: 45 knots

Starting price: €19,850 (ex. VAT)

Saxdor Scooter 200 Sport: Starter boats don’t come much cooler than this


  • 02150 Espoo, Finland
  • Saxdor