ST Engineering introduces innovative SOV design

ST Engineering
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An offshore wind Service Operation Vessel (SOV) design developed by ST Engineering will be available from both its Singapore yards and its Halter Marine shipyard in Pascagoula, Miss.

The SOV is based on ST Engineering’s innovative Eco-hull for low fuel consumption and enhanced seakeeping characteristics to maximize the comfort of the crew, service personnel and specialists.

The vessel is fitted with an electric propulsion system, including energy storage system, and is configured with two azimuth-type main propulsion propellers, two tunnel bow thrusters and one retractable azimuth forward thruster.

The propulsion system, coupled with an advanced dynamic positioning system (DP2) and heave-compensated gangway, equips the vessel for its primary function—the safe transfer of personnel from onboard to offshore wind turbines.

Additionally, a cargo/passenger elevator with six fixed levels provides zero-step access-and-transfer for the technician and cargo from the vessel to the turbine’s transition piece (TP) through the gangway.

The SOV is well-equipped with a 3D-motion compensated knuckle boom crane to provide covering access to TP and the operational areas for boat landings. The SOV has a large clear space for deck preparation and is fitted with a container skidding system, suitable for 10- and 20-feet size containers.

Adopting its in-house capabilities in acoustic signatures, ST Engineering has paid special attention to the noise and vibration characteristics in its design. With a 5-star hotel standard interior design and customizable facilities, the SOV can accommodate up to 85 service personnel and crew for servicing the offshore wind farm infrastructure.

To maximize operational efficiency and reduce any unplanned downtime, ST Engineering has integrated its proven in-house, ABS-certified NERVA ship management and sensemaking systems (NERVA SMS2). NERVA SMS2 adopts data analytics and machine learning techniques to perform predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring of the equipment, thus providing prescriptive and pre-emptive data to operators for better decision making.

“Having identified the renewables segment as well-suited to ST Engineering’s capabilities, the SOV concept is targeted at operators looking for a more cost-effective and reliable engineering solution that can be customized. ST Engineering can cater to the needs of global developers and operators, so the construction is available out of both our Singapore and U.S. shipyards,” said Senior Manager Phoebe Lim.

SOV is based on ST Engineering’s innovative Eco-hull design

SOV is based on ST Engineering’s innovative Eco-hull design