HP Watermakers
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HP Watermakers has released a new filtration system along with its first ever user interface compatible with plotters.

HP Genius is able to produce pure water without any unpleasant taste of chlorine directly from the onboard tap. Its ultrafiltration system avoids any trace of chlorine and intercepts a large amount of pollutants that can contaminate water and the bacteriostatic treatment system with silver ions sterilises the water at the point of dispense.

Produced at a range of temperatures, still or sparkling, a remineraliser filter enriches the water with precious minerals for a better taste.

User interface

The HP Interface is compatible with Garmin, Raymarine and Furuno plotters allowing RP TRONIC watermakers to directly connect to the plotter via an RJ45 ethernet network. The interface can be used to switch the watermaker on or off, reset alarms, monitor operations and check all data without needing a remote control panel dedicated for the system.

It will also be possible to check the log of the watermaker and monitor all the history of alarms and uses as well as calibrate and turn off the sensors and machine settings, including the unit’s operating parameters.

The HP Genius watermaker

The HP Genius watermaker