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Gurit has launched the new Ampro Multi-Purpose resin system to replace the existing SP106 system which was first formulated many years ago.

The new range brings improvements in mechanical and low temperature performance, increased peel strength on timber and a more friendly mix ratio.

One of the greatest achievements is the removal of Amine Blush which created a waxy residue that clogged the sand paper and needed to be constantly washed away. This improvement means Ampro now has a four-day overcoating window with no sanding required.

Gurit has also released a set of scales to help achieve an accurate mix ratio of resin and hardener. After setting the resin system and hardener speed, the scales guide the user through the process, giving an audible approval of the mix to the user. Trials over the past year have been hugely successful and the scales are now available.

Environmental breakthroughs

The team at Gurit has been working with partners and chemists to be at the forefront of greener technology for the marine industry. From these endeavours comes Ampro Bio, a resin with 40% bio content. Gurit has also tied up with B Comp, supplying the latter’s new Flax fabric products.

Gurit’s range is available from Marineware.

Gurit’s new Ampro Bio and hardener

Gurit’s new Ampro Bio and hardener