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Cyclops Marine has launched a simple-to-install load sensor that accurately measures stay tension in real time and transmits rig-loads wirelessly to a smartphone or boat instruments.

The smarttune load sensor is the first in a new smart range of load sensors for sailors and enables users to measure and repeat their fastest settings, control their forestay sag and headsail shape, alongside the mast bend to manage the mainsail shape for optimal racing performance in all conditions, on all points of sail.

The load sensor can be swapped in for the existing turn screw in minutes and showing the live rig load on the user's smart device seconds later.

Repeatable settings

smarttune is changing the way crews sail the boat and has several benefits, explained Cyclops Marine's Ian Howarth, adding that the smarttune load sensor enables a boat to collate data to get repeatable winning settings based on the wind conditions and sail plan, while the smarttune base settings enable a crew to adjust the rig as soon as the conditions change.

smarttune gives a common number on the mast to work towards, this enables owners and crew to set the boat up accurately first time onto the fast settings.

The load sensor also shows the rig live load so the crew know they are not overloading it, plus sends live data to mast instrument displays and mobile apps, creating a better communication link between trimmers, tactician and helm.


  • Farnborough GU14 0LX, UK
  • Cyclops Marine