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Fischer Panda UK's fixed speed xSeries generators can now be connected in parallel, offering a quieter and more fuel-efficient solution for a variety of leisure and commercial applications.

The two-genset system is possible due to the addition of an electrical cabinet containing a parallel module, which houses the connection of the generators’ power output cables and controls the synchronisation and switching.

“For larger yachts and vessels that have traditionally been fitted with two or more over-sized independent generators, a parallel generator solution is a much more efficient and environmentally-friendly way to meet the fluctuating use of the generator system," said Fischer Panda UK’s sales and marketing director, Chris Fower.

The parallel power solution is ideal for vessels that need a larger generator to cover the main loads for normal running during the day at peak times, while also operating a smaller set for the evening or night-time when power demands are lower.

Installing two connecting generators is also relevant for yacht owners who require a redundant power system, ensuring they can switch the power supply from one generator to the other without interrupting the system’s power supply during maintenance schedules.

Commercial vessels can benefit from the parallel operation of two generators to form a backup power system, with one generator always available in reserve. The use of a single smaller generator may also reduce the use of load banks required to prevent light load operation on a larger unit.

Fischer Panda UK's xSeries generators can now be connected in parallel.

Fischer Panda UK's xSeries generators can now be connected in parallel.