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Evoy is developing a new 150hp electric outboard motor.

A prototype will have its world premier later this season and the company aims to have the engine in production by the first quarter of 2021.

The prototype is specced at 90 kW and with a more powerful lower leg, it is expected it will perform equivalent to a 150hp petrol engine. The testing that will be performed during the remainder of 2020 will give the final results on performance and range.

The outboard motor is especially designed to fit the Zodiac Milpro Mark 5.

The motor is expected to weigh around 150kg.

Modular batteries will also be sold by Evoy – expected to be around 25kWh each that can be installed in series or parallel.

Evoy hopes the outboard will fill a demand being seen for electric propulsion in exploration cruises in Artic regions.

And the company also has plans to develop larger motors still – the largest at 450hp - is set to be launched in about three years’ time.


  • Strandgaten, Bergen, Norway
  • Evoy