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Auxilia Electric Propulsion launched a new marine hybrid kit last year, responding to customer for a simple and cost-effective solution to electric-hybrid propulsion.

The kit is an auxiliary propulsion system for main engines up to 2000kW.

The ‘plug and play’ solution is designed for easy hybridisation of any kind of vessel by being installed on board and connected to the standard electric grid.

The system includes an electric motor/ generator that can be installed in the propulsion drive-line; a lithium battery pack; electrics with power management system and an optional high compact variable speed genset.

“At a time when it’s never been more important to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, we’re delighted to offer the market such a simple solution,” said Alberto Amici, general manager of Auxilia Electric Propulsion. “This system will transform many of the yachts on the water to a greener form of propulsion and in doing so make a significant positive impact on our beautiful oceans.”

Four operating modes are available: zero emissions mode with power entirely from batteries to the Auxilia motor; comfort mode, with the hotel load from the battery with the diesel generators off; fast recharge/ generator mode with electric power from main diesel engines for hotel loads; and a combi mode with one diesel generator running two propellers.


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