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The 23rd edition of Seawork International conference and exhibition will be held in June 2021.

The decision by organisers Mercator Media Ltd (MML) to postpone the event from June 2020 is as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,

This also applies to Speed@Seawork.

“Given the restrictions on travel and the effects that social distancing requirements will have on the operation of the exhibition, the team at Mercator Media has been examining alternatives and seeking the opinion of clients,” said Andrew Webster, MML chief executive.

“There is also the added uncertainty surrounding further possible government actions and restrictions, both here and abroad. We would all prefer that this was not the case, but every event has been affected.”

Best alternative

And he explained that exhibitors and visitors may have concerns about travel and be less willing to attend.

“While many of our clients depend on Seawork for their business, we are very conscious of the resource and time commitment that is involved and do not wish to produce a less than satisfactory compromise,” he added.

“Everyone on the Seawork team is sorry not to be meeting up with clients and visitors in person at Seawork this year.

“We regret that we have had to make this decision but believe that this course of action is the best alternative in the face of the effects of COVID-19. We look forward to 2021.”

Seawork will now take place from June 15 – 17 2021. Speed@Seawork will be held June 14 2021.

Seawork International will be held in June 2021

Seawork International will be held in June 2021