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The new Wallas Viking Air diesel boat heater has the same physical size as the DT and Greenboost series of Wallas heaters.

Wallas has added some improvements with a new future proof printed circuit board and an advanced control panel.

The control panel has WiFi connectivity allowing the heater to be started and monitored remotely.

In addition, program updates for future improvements and upgrades are also possible remotely.

The digital graphical user interface displays the status and alerts. There is also an option to link in a detachable wireless thermostat beacon to ensure that you have an even temperature within the boat.

Operational power is 0.5 to 2A and the heater uses 0.1 to 0.3 litres of fuel an hour to produce 3kW of dry blown air heat.


The heater can be mounted on a floor or shelf or on a wall and is available from Kuranda. Kuranda also supplies heaters from Kabola including the KB-Series Ecoline Hybrid, a series of fully automatic, soot-free oil-fired boilers of 8 to 38kW.

The boilers have the same specs as the regular KB series but are fully automatic with an internal electrical element.

“The boiler is programmed to save maximum fuel,” explained Brett McLellan, Kuranda director. “It can keep the boat frost-free just by electric only and has a fast warm-up time due to the diesel and electric collaboration.

“It has reduced CO2 emissions and thanks to the highly efficient blue burner technology there are no soot emissions, less fuel consumption and lower power consumption.”

The KB Series can be connected to central heating, hot air, underfloor heating, and even an air conditioning system. Due to the soot-free operation, the system is maintenance-friendly.

The Viking Air heater produces 3kW of heat

The Viking Air heater produces 3kW of heat


Kabola's hybrid boilers are fully automatic

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