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Canadian heating systems company, International Thermal Research, has spent the last few months developing a new control system for its Hurricane range of diesel fired heaters to allow greater fuel efficiencies and reduced emissions.

The company has prototype units being tested in the field and hopes to have the new system finalised by the end of the year.

The DC powered hydronic heater system is suitable for a range of vessels including ocean going, riverine and canal boats.

“They all have a patented no smoke, no smell burner with advanced electronic control for safe and reliable operation and the simple design allows for easy servicing and maintenance,” explained Steven Cox-Watkins, office manager for European distributor Calcutt Boats.

"The Hurricane is efficient, quiet and economical to operate.”

The most popular model sold in the UK is the Hurricane SCH25 – 7.3 kW which has an output of 25000 btu.

The model can handle six heating zones; four for space heating, one for domestic hot water and an engine zone and is designed to operate on 11 to 15 volts DC.

It can burn a range of fuels – gas oil (red diesel), road diesel, kerosene, heating oil – without the need for adjustment or modification.

The new control system will have more features and self-diagnostics when it is fully released to market.


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