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Taylors heaters were developed in the 1920’s, when boating life was simpler and the products reflected a self-sufficient adventurer lifestyle - a time before marinas.

As MD of Sea Sure that acquired the company in 2007, Graham Brown explained, equipment needed to last, be dependable and simple to maintain and repair when users were away from port.

“In the modern era they are somewhat of a ‘Marmite’ product, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em, nothing in between,” he said.

“As well as their exceptional reliability, they could not drain the batteries when running and radiated a lot of heat on those cold nights at anchor. In fact, they put out a whopping heat equivalent of more than 2kW’s, making for a very cosy evening.”

He added: “The features which made them such a success in the past are why people buy them today.”


“I’ve had some great conversations with customers who have been sailing down the South American coast and blagging some aviation fuel (as its really paraffin) so that they can heat their boat and cook a hot meal.”

And the fact that there have been no developments with the heaters means complete interchangeability and availability of spare parts.

“From an end user point of view, they are the lowest cost heaters you can buy and from an environmental point of view, they are the ultimate in ‘green’ pieces of boating equipment,” explained Graham.

Units are available as either diesel or paraffin fuelled and either polished brass case or stainless steel. A service and refurbishment service is also offered.

The heaters are hand-built in Warsash, with the biggest markets being Northern Europe/Scandinavia and the USA.


  • Warsash, Southampton, UK
  • Sea Sure