Yachting - the new Jeanneau Yachts 60 changes style and goes semi-custom

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In January 2021, the Düsseldorf Boot will be the opportunity for the Vendée-based shipyard Jeanneau, a Bénéteau Group brand, to unveil a brand new luxury sailing yacht model, the Jeanneau Yachts 60, a model that marks a strategic shift for the shipyard.

Positioned between Jeanneau Yachts 54 and Jeanneau Yachts 64, and replacing the Jeanneau Yachts 57, the Jeanneau Yachts 60 will inaugurate a new style, which will then be applied to the rest of the range, while offering a semi-custom personalisation programme, marking an undeniable move upmarket.

Great versatility of use

At the heart of the project to renew the heart of the Jeanneau Yachts range is the shipyard's desire to design a model that meets the expectations of its owners as closely as possible. Versatility had to be the order of the day, in order to offer a yacht in their own image. In this context, the Jeanneau Yachts 60 has been designed to match every desire, every layout requirement and every sailing style. Thanks to its numerous options, such as the roll-bar, hard top, spray hood, outdoor galley, removable forestay, furling mast, etc., the Jeanneau Yachts 60 can be upgraded from a "Mediterranean sport" version to a version adapted for ocean cruising.

All the combinations created by these multiple choices of interior and exterior layout, decoration and equipment, allow the Jeanneau Yachts 60 to position itself with serious assets on the semi-custom yacht market.

A new style for Jeanneau Yachts 60

When it comes to style, the Jeanneau Yachts 60 is evolving. The fruit of the joint work of Jeanneau's design offices, British designer Andrew Winch and naval architect Philippe Briand, this new luxury yacht asserts itself with a sharp, elegant style, highlighted by a powerful inverted bow, a hull chine, an integrated bowsprit, and a high sheer line.

The angled sidedeck offer exceptional on-board comfort, without any obstacles. They offer easy movement, descending directly from the cockpit!

The vast aft bathing platform unveils a garage with a longitudinal tender, which can accommodate a tender nearly 3m long.

Particular attention has also been paid to the outdoor lifestyle: areas are dedicated to relaxation, cooking (with an optional cockpit galley), reading, eating and sunbathing.

The interior of the Jeanneau Yachts 60: a cosy cocoon bathed in light

Finally, the large hull openings allow natural light to shine in and to be in true symbiosis with the sea that can be seen from the berths.

For the first time, the galley is frontal and positioned at mast bulkhead level to give an ultra spacious saloon, worthy of large yachts, using the widest hull width.

The surfaces are sculpted and flooded with light. The integration of solid woods brings fluid lines and a pleasure of touch that is intensified by the most sought-after fabrics and leathers. In this respect, the shipyard offers two versions of wood: hollow pore teak and hollow pore light oak, each with a floor of

associate. The choice of upholstery consists of 5 new fabrics and 5 Fogglizzo leathers.

3 different ambiances of cabins are available: SAND, AFFOGATO and ROYAL BLUE, which allow to customize the bed headboards and headboards to create a unique atmosphere.

19 versions of interior fittings!

In fact, the interior of Jeanneau Yachts 60 offers no less than 19 versions of... 19 versions of interior fittings, never seen before on a unit from the Vendée shipyard !

Interior layout versions are available in the 4 areas that make up the boat's interior: forward tip, forward cabins, central saloon, front galley and aft cabins !

The different arrangements of the forewardpeak: 3 versions are possible with a sail locker, a skipper's cabin or a real 6th cabin.

The different layouts of the forward cabins: 2 versions of large forward cabin are possible, with an owner's cabin or a double cabin. And here again, an extremely ingenious feature makes it possible, in less than 5 minutes, to transform this double cabin into a real owner's cabin. The central bulkhead will be hidden in a dedicated storage area, without tools or screws, to enlarge the beds or convert them into a sofa.

The different layouts of the central saloon: it benefits from 3 versions of saloon to starboard: a version with a sofa attached to a chart table or a pullman cabin and a so-called light version which will be able to accommodate 2 armchairs chosen by the customer.

The different layouts of the aft cabins: the aft area will be either an owner's cabin or 2 cabins, one double to accommodate guests and the other for 3 children or another couple of friends.


Overall length with delphiniere 18.39 m

Hull width 5.20 m

Draft GTE 2.55 m

Draft PTE 2.10 m

Cabins 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Yachting - the new Jeanneau Yachts 60 changes style and goes semi-custom
Yachting - the new Jeanneau Yachts 60 changes style and goes semi-custom