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'Danzante Bay' to feature FarSounder’s Argos 500

The Forward Looking Sonar system enables crew to see a real-time, 3D image of what is beneath the surface…

FarSounder’s Argos 500 Forward Looking Sonar system is set to be fitted on the largest recreational motoryacht built in Canada. At 50m, Danzante Bay is under construction at Crescent Custom Yachts near Vancouver. The vessel is scheduled to be launched in 2021.

The Argos 500 enables captains and crew to see a real-time, 3D image of what is beneath the surface ahead of the vessel and the data can be overlaid on navigational charts. It will show shallows and obstacles in the water column out to 500m. This increases the vessel's safety when exploring unknown waters. As an additional safety measure, operators can set automated alarms to be alerted when approaching a danger before it is too late.

“The Argos sonar’s highly-innovative technology assists in the prevention of collisions and groundings and a one of a kind addition to this yacht’s navigation toolbox,” explains Andy Gifford of Telemar Yachting USA, the FarSounder dealer facilitating the purchase.

Whether a new build or refit, all vessels can be equipped with this technology. All of the three Argos series 3D Forward Looking Sonars are simple additions during the build or refit process and able to be integrated with many bridge systems.

With more yachts choosing to operate further afield and in challenging environments, an effective way to know what is in front of the vessel while underway is by using a forward-looking sonar. To read more about the latest navigation technology that is enabling yachts to go further afield while also cruising safely, please click here


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