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Naumatec to develop range of sub-3.80 metre tender models

Naumatec hopes to acquire a new portion of the market with new possibilities…

In September 2016, Naumatec became part of Nuova Jolly Marine, an industry leader in building high-quality RIBs since 1961 which was founded and lead by the Aiello family. The family acquired the brand Naumatec with the aim of increasing its prestige and to ascribe value to its philosophy by creating an atelier dedicated to this brand.

“As soon as the Naumatec brand was purchased, Nuova Jolly immediately focused on developing an ambitious new project of great relevance: the creation of the Electric Tender,” commented Mariapia Vettori, Sales Manager at Naumatec. They were aware of the interest in the theme of eco-sustainability in the nautical world, and that this was growing rapidly, so Naumatec wanted to be among the first able to offer the market a fully electric propulsion tender.

In September 2017, Naumatec presented a world preview at the Cannes Yachting Festival with the first model of its line of electric tenders: E-Tender 460. “The Naumatec Electric project is currently proceeding with the development of new fully electric propulsion models, such as the E-Tender 585/620 and E-Tender 650, however, in parallel, Naumatec is continuing to improve and even refine models of its traditional lines, signified by a willingness to the customization of its achievements,” continued Vettori.

Over the past few years, Naumatec has seen various changes from the market. “Due to the government policies of the last decade, and the great crisis that began in 2008, the average segment of the yachting market, especially in Italy, has become very thin,” commented Vettori. “Purchases of yachts under 60 feet have decreased, and the size of the most in-demand yachts has moved from 60/70 feet to 90 feet. This meant that the most versatile products in the tender sector, able to satisfy higher needs, were more appreciated,” she continued.

This concept has reportedly been found even more in the market of yachts over 100 feet (super and megayachts) which instead has well endured the crisis and is constantly growing. “On this basis, Naumatec has witnessed a steady increase in market appreciation since 2010, which has also translated into a steady increase in sales,” added Vettori.

From Vettori’s experience, she has identified that today’s clients are becoming more and more sophisticated and demanding, which leads to ever greater requests for customization of the products purchased.

“Analysing its reference market, Naumatec has decided to expand the range of small tenders in the near future, developing new models of less than 3.80 meters,” revealed Vettori. “This is alongside the aim of acquiring a new portion of the market that is currently not being satisfied for size reasons - yachts of under 25 meters in length. To date, these are mostly standardized products in that range, which do not offer the customer a satisfactory opportunity to customize the tender he/she is going to buy,” she added.

Naumatec wants to provide this opportunity, offering a product that is able to reflect the characteristics and satisfy the needs of each yacht it will represent.

“Given the trend of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still too difficult to make a five-year type of forecast for our industry/sector. Personally, I think it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of 2021 to be able to venture some hypotheses,” Vettori concluded.

Naumatec to develop range of sub-3.80 metre tender models


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