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#Product Trials


Yamaha Motor Co is to start evaluation trials of its new integrated electric propulsion unit and steering control system as part of its plan to provide a smart package boat.

HARMO is a 'next-generation control system platform' consisting of a propulsion unit powered by an electric motor, a remote-control box and a joystick that enables more intuitive operation, said a Yamaha spokesperson. The company will conduct evaluation trials on boats equipped with the HARMO at the Hokkaido-based ‘artificial canal’, the Otaru Canal Cruise from August.

“The motor drive adopts a rim drive method, that realises highly efficient electric propulsion,” added the spokesperson.

Comfortable ride

"Strong thrust (propulsion force) can be generated at low speeds, meaning HARMO can minimise vibration and noise, enabling a more comfortable ride."

The boat can be manoeuvred with a simple operation of the joystick. The steering mechanism also incorporates a large steering angle and enables on the spot turning.

When using two HARMO units, a boat can be moved horizontally by tilting the joystick sideways to support difficult docking.


  • Hokkaido, Japan
  • Yamaha Motor Co