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Alphatron Marine Unveils New River Radar

Alphatron Marine has introduced its next generation river radar, the JMR-61, which it says is characterized by an excellent suppression of wave action on wide water. The radar is suited for extreme weather conditions, using an aerodynamic scanner and an associated modified motor.

Offered in two different fully dimmable monitors, the JMR-611 is said to be the first river radar to meet the stricter requirements for maximum reflection from radar monitors. Available are the standard 19 inch LED monitor, without protective glass with the familiar black aluminum front, or the modern all-glass 19 inch LED monitor, with the LED panel optical bonded to the glass for maximum performance.

The JMR-611 radar is the first river radar, in combination with a GPS compass and smart calculation technology, to minimize waves on wide water, the manufacturer said. With this Sea State function, buoys and other small echoes will remain clearly visible. For a sharper display of the radar echoes, the radar is equipped with the Echo Border function and in combination with the Expansion function, meaning the echoes will be displayed with a clear outline.

Depending on the available space on board and the desired sharpness of the picture, different scanner units are available in sizes 6, 7 or 9 feet.

Alphatron Marine said it has have reprocessed and improved certain functionalities from the JMA-610 model in this new radar, such as the prediction lines, docking information and image recording. In addition, there are also new developments; for example, the 6- and 7-foot antennas have an aerodynamic design, suitable for all weather conditions. For fast ships, the rotational speed of the antenna can be easily switched to high speed.


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