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Mitsubishi introduces 1,260 hp EPA Tier 4 marine engine

Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine America (MTEA) has announced the introduction of Mitsubishi’s new, mechanically controlled, EPA Tier 4, 1,260-horsepower heavy-duty marine propulsion engine.

The Tier 4, Mitsubishi S12R Tier 4 is a 49-liter, V-12, 1,260-horsepower marine propulsion engine operating at 1,600 rpm. While the engine offers simple mechanical controls and big displacement, it meets the Tier 4 NOx 4 emission requirements by using SCR technology.

The S12R-Y4 engine has met Tier 4 certification requirements and is available for order now.

According to Mitsubishi Marine Engine Manager Takeshi Yoshida, although most of the industry moved to complex electronic engines in 2007, Mitsubishi chose another approach: a series of mechanical engines that met the Tier 2 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission regulations.

“It was remarkable that Mitsubishi met Tier 2 with a simple mechanical engine,” said Yoshida. “But when the company was able to introduce a series of Tier 3 EPA certified engines, also without the introduction of electronic controls, we all said, ‘Well, Mitsubishi has done it again.’”

Yoshida added that the new Mitsubishi S12R-Y4MPTAW-3 EPA certified Tier 4 engine will also have simple mechanical controls.

For more information about the new Tier 4 engine, contact Rodrigo Teixeira, Marine Director at Mitsubishi Turbocharger Engine America; Laborde Products for Inland River, Gulf of Mexico or East Coast Applications; or Cascade Engine Center for West Coast Applications.

Mitsubishi introduces 1,260 hp EPA Tier 4 marine engine


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