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Free white paper shows benefits of new multifuel Svanehøj fuel pump

SPONSORED CONTENT: CO2 pollution from shipping is growing at an alarming rate, and the development must be reversed now. Svanehøj has developed a unique, patented fuel pump, which is fully compatible with LNG, ethane and LPG, as well as synthetic carbon-free electrofuels. A solution fit for the future.

The fourth climate report from the IMO reveals alarming growth in the shipping sector’s emission of greenhouse gases. From 2012 to 2018, emissions from shipping increased by 9.6 percent. According to the IMO report, the shipping sector has improved its carbon intensity by 10 percent. But that is not nearly enough to keep up with the growth in global trade.

The devastating numbers underline the fact that the global shipping industry will be facing increasing demand to modernize the way it operates, as the transition from non-renewable to renewable fuels continues.

In a new white paper, Svanehøj looks into Power-to-X (PtX), which could be a key technology in the transition away from fossil fuels. PtX offers a solution to convert electricity from renewable energy sources into carbon-neutral synthetic fuels – gas or liquid – which can be stored and used to power ships, aeroplanes and other heavy transportation.


The transition will not be made overnight, as huge investments are required to build an efficient supply chain. It may take decades for electrofuels to be competitive in terms of price and availability. In the meantime, future-proof solutions are needed to provide shipowners with the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing regulations and market developments.

“At Svanehøj, we are able to deliver just that. PtX is about to fuel a new wave of sustainability – with LNG as the stepping stone – and Svanehøj has the pump solution which can provide full fuel flexibility to shipowners on the journey towards a zero-emission industry, ” says Markus Tauriainen, senior sales manager at Svanehøj.

The Svanehøj Deepwell Fuel Pump is a solution which enables ships to comply with current and future requirements. The pump was developed for LNG, but it is fully compatible with other liquid gas fuels such as ethane, Ammonia and LPG, as well as synthetic carbon-free electrofuels such as ammonia and SNG.

“The DW Fuel Pump is a future-proof investment, as it allows shipowners to change a ship’s fuel type according to changes in the market and technology,” says Markus Tauriainen.

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Download the white paper “From oil to electrofuels: Making shipping a zero-emission industry” at

Free white paper shows benefits of new multifuel Svanehøj fuel pump


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