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Golden Boat Lifts have a pair of products aimed at making boating easier and safer.

The Golden Roll-in Dock allows boaters to pull their docks out of the water when not in use or to protect them from adverse weather whilst the Kayak Launch enables paddlers to get into and out of their kayak with ease, safety and confidence.

A modular design in six standard sizes ranging from 1.2m to 4.8m, the Golden Roll-In Dock is certified for 146kg/m2 loading and suitable for water depths of 28cm to 297cm.

Maintenance-free dock sections clip together and unlock to pivot when moving into or out of the water and connect with Golden Roll-In Dock ramps for transition to the shore. A range of accessories can be installed anywhere on the dock using the Para-Track system.

Kayak Launch

The kayak or canoe is slid onto twin bunks and lowered into the water using the crank. The launch's stable platform minimises the awkward movement common with boarding, allowing paddlers to descend the ladder. Boaters then slide their vessels out into the open water. Upon return, the steps are simply reversed.

The Golden Kayak Launch is available in five and seven-step ladder models, with 1.2m or 1.8m travel distances and is suitable for kayaks and canoes up to 113kg, It can be mounted to wood and metal docks, and concrete or stone with professional advice.


  • 17611 East St, North Fort Myers, FL 33917, USA
  • Golden Boat Lifts